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Kamis, 30 Juni 2011

Feliciano Lopez Hairstyles,New Hairstyles 2011

In 2005, he was the first male Spanish tennis player to reach the round of Wimbledon since 1972, when Manuel Orantes reached the semi-finals. This is the best Grand Slam result to date, Lopez, and repeated it Again in 2008 Wimbledon, this time beaten by Marat Safin in four sets.

He is a player who finally beat Tim Henman Wimbledon career, his five-set thriller in the second round in 2007, up two.
He supported Wilson and Joma. In 2009, then played the longest match in Australian Open history to lose to Gilles Muller before Rafael Nadal, Fernando Verdasco obscured half that time.

His career, he played the same as going out to a maximum of 5 to 6-6, the fifth longest, and he was 16-14 for the 2009 Australian Open against Gilles Muller.

In 1997, Feliciano Lopez made ​​his debut in the pro circuit, Mallorca on 29 September in the second round loser Dusan Vemić.

In 1998, his ATP debut in the 1998 Open SEAT lost to Jiri Novak in the first round. He is competing in a changing circuit that loss, so the quarter-finals of the Spanish in Spain F7 and F8.

 In 1999, competed in the future, and challenging circuit. He won the first future events in Spain, Pedro Canovas F6 beaten 6-3, 6-3. He also reached another final loss 4-6 5-7 Reginald Willems, Spain F7.

Feliciano Lopez Hairstyle,New Hairstyles 2011

Kate Middleton Hairstyles

Catherine Elizabeth “Kate” Middleton (January 9, 1982) is the wife of Prince William of Wales. They were engaged on November 16, 2010 and wed on April 29, 2011 at Westminster Abbey. The wedding was deemed the Biggest wedding in history (in terms of the media attention). Previously to being married to a royal, she was a buyer for Jigsaw.

Kate Middleton looked soft and sweet with her soft curls for the 

Kate Middleton wears her hair in long wavy layers with a simple side part. Lovely.

Kate Middleton Long Curls
Kate Middleton styled her flowing hair in loose curls while visiting Northern Ireland.
Kate Middleton Long Center Part

Here, Kate Middleton’s hair is parted and then styled in straight and flowing tresses.
Kate Middleton Ponytail

Kate Middleton wore her curly hair in a classic ponytail and adorned her look with an oversize feathered hair pin.
Kate Middleton Long Straight Cut

Kate Middleton styled her brunette tresses in a polished hairstyle that she softly parted down the center.
Kate Middleton Long Wavy Cut

Kate Middleton’s naturally brunette locks are worn long, wavy, with slight layers.

Her hair is simple, but effective, with a half-up-half-down style, and it held the veil in place with a tiara loaned to her by the Queen.Kate Middleton looked as lovely as ever on her wedding day. Her hair was styled in a half up hairstyle with long curls that cascaded down her back.

Rabu, 29 Juni 2011

Faux Hawk Hairstyles,Faux Hawk Haircuts

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For those not ready to go all the way for a full mohawk, the faux hawk haircut can be a versatile option. Unlike the mohawk, the faux hawk haircut leaves a bit of hair on the sides and back and the shorter varieties may be worn down for a more conservative look.
While not a look most guys can even think of pulling off, these cuts make a bold statement.
For even more pictures of men's haircuts, browse our hairstyle galleries and be sure to read our men's product guides, let us show you how to get a great men's haircut and how to choose the best hair length for you.

Selasa, 28 Juni 2011

Maria Sharapova Cool Blonde Hairstyle

Maria Sharapova Cool Blonde Hairstyle
After Anna Kournikova disappeared, the most popular tennis player became a fashion model is fellow Russian tennis player, Maria Sharapova. Blonde, tall, slim with a beautiful face, very serasai Sharapova regarded as a model.

Get layers in the front to braces your face. Maria has layers that end at her jaw line and gradually get longer towards her collarbone. She subsistence her layers in the back enough long to to a sleek, uniform look. Make an extreme side-part and field hair off to the side. A shoestring part is mystery and sophistication to Maria's look.

Opt for low-lights if your hair is Bleaching blond, culminating if it's dark. Maria's hair is neither platinize nor dark blond, but a mix of both lowlights and highlights. To which category your hair falls in and add scratches in the opposed shade for depth and emphasis. Wear your hair in soft, collapse curls for special occasions. When she's glammed-up for a special event, Maria carry her hair in soft, collapse curves. Use a large barrel bordering iron to to this look, and separated curls with your fingers rather that a brush or comb.

Tie your hair back in a smooth ponytail when you're on the go. Maria always has her hair attache back when she's on the tennis courts. Add a light fog of anti-frizz serum around your Face to subsistence stray, wispy hairs in their place. Top your tail off with a baseball cap or sun visor. When Maria carry her hair in a ponytail, she often subsistence it in place with a sportsman logo cap bearing a mark such as Nike.

DISPLAY colored hair a lot of choice a woman to express herself. So as not to appear odd, choosing the right color is key. Expressing yourself can be done in various ways. In addition to playing the style of the fashion fabric, you can express it through the "style" hair. If you've come up with shades of black, why not choose the hair color as an option. In addition to making your face look different, hair coloring makes you more stylish.

If you make this as an option, you should be careful before you decide to do hair coloring. Unlike the usual black hair original, colored hair requires a precision color selection. This is so that the results will be created according to face shape and your character. For this business, you can refer to the trends that are rolling.

New Teen Celebrity Hair

New Teen Celebrity Hair
New Teen Celebrity Hair
New Teen Celebrity Hair
New Teen Celebrity Hair
New Teen Celebrity HairNew Teen Celebrity Hair

Senin, 27 Juni 2011

Rihanna Hairstyles 2011

Rihanna went from long to a fabulous inverted bob. Recently she went again under the scissors and now she carries out a chic pixie haircut to perfection. It's a fabulous and flexible haircut that suits her perfect heart shaped face.
Rihanna’s hairstyles are rated R—for rock-chic! From bold bobs to punk pixies, the pop phenom has done it all. “Pon the replay” of RiRi’s dos through the years (see photo gallery below) and vote for your favorites now!

Short Long hairstyles

A Long hair style that is worn one length can come across a tad boring and dull, but with the right hair color you can really change things around. A two toned effect will add depth and dimension. Highlights are always a good idea, but changing it up will make things more interesting. Keep the stripes smaller and more blending to the base hair color, and add a few colors to the mix. This will add transition and reflect light-giving-depth to the hair.

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Short hairstyle pictures for women

Short Hairstyles 2011,Just this year alone we have witnessed stars such as Rihanna, Nicole Richie, Sienna Miller and Jessica Alba hitting the red carpet with glorious quick hair styles. Should you need to make the transition from lengthy to brief or when you just want some fresh ideas for making your shorter curly hair turn heads – this article is heading to introduce you to the present designs which might be taking over the world!
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