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Sabtu, 16 November 2013

Quiff Short Haircut Man Trend Hairstyle

A good haircut style is indispensable to a modern man. Some of the most iconic men are known for their haircut styles. These hairstyles may not be the conventional haircut at their time, but it did put these men to where they are right now. This is perfect for guys who are not confined in the conservative field of work.

The best way to keep a retro quiff in place starts with the blow-drying into shape. Don't let this scare you off if you are not used to blow-drying! More men are embracing this as part of their daily routine to get the best result from their haircut. Some smooth and sleek, some stubbly short. The new haircuts for men not only span decades in their expression and elements, but also lifestyles. Here you find a rockabilly quiff combined with a military buzz cut and the result is extraordinary. Manly and playful, dapper and dangerous.

This gives the hair some gritty texture to build height and shape. Sea Salt Spray is a great product for those days when you want an old fashioned style whilst keeping your hair very light and flexible. It wont look like you have anything in the hair. Alternatively, for a dry finish with a slight shine, you should try Murdock Hair Doh. After blow-drying, work in small amounts at a time through the hair, making sure to warm the product up in your hands first. Build it up slowly and comb into place. You can always finish the styling by setting the hair, especially the quiff with a good quality hairspray.

Sabtu, 09 November 2013

Beauty Curly Half Updos Colour Hairstyle Inspiration

Curls and ringlets add extra romance to your half updo! Half up half down hairstyles balance the sophistication of an updo with the seduction of wearing hair down. These curled half up looks are suitable for any special occasion and are especially gorgeous looks for bridesmaids or prom. Check out these curly half updo pictures for three different ways to wear this look!

Romantic curls are the perfect look for special and formal events. For weddings or prom, go for maximum curls! It’s easy to get this look yourself with a barrel curling iron. Half up half down hairstyles combine the sexiness of loose hairstyles with the polished look of an updo. Amp up your half updo by combining different hair textures. Here, straight hair is teased into a high volume crown. Long hair cascades down in coils.  The ringlets are a charming and high volume alternative to curls.

This hot half up prom hairstyle piles most of hair in loose curls on top of the head. About a quarter of of long hair cascade down the back and frames the face with tendrils. For more fun prom half updo, try one of these half up braided hairstyles.