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Jumat, 19 Juli 2013

The Best Dark Purple Beauty Ombre Long Hairstyles

Ombre hair is one of the most welcomed hair-styling concepts which tends to make you appear hot and beautiful. Another way of saying this term is shade that means multi color can be utilized. The hairstyle can show two colors or maybe more than and I am going to demonstrate you two tone ombre hair color which was based on black hair color. Hope the nice mixture of black and another shades in the layer can render a brand new you and also include oodles of elegance and shine to your appearance.

While most of the girls are planning to wear black, brown or dark blonde hair color this autumn, how about you? Girls who are standing in the row of fashion must have known the purple color is one of the most popular choices. You can make all of your hair light purple, dark violet or purple ombre. In today’s post, there are several kinds of purple hairstyles and thanks to the tutorial pictures.

You need to prepare a beautiful headband and a spin pin before you start. Place head band on the top of your head securely and then divide the hair into two sections below the headband. Roll the left section around your finger and place a spin pin horizontally across the inside of the roll. Make sure the left part has been well secured and then repeat on the other section.

Rabu, 17 Juli 2013

Best Medium Haircuts Color Ideas Wallpaper

Medium Haircuts for Women 2013 - What do you think firstly after hearing the word razor? Yes, you may simply imagine the men who are already using it to cut off their beard and mustache with it so that they can just be more good looking. But what do you think if  the razor is used by women, mainly when it is functioned as a tool for cutting off the hair? Of course, the hair here still means what is growing up over your head not on the other places. If you think it is rather strange, you should not be surprised since almost all salon now already using it to form a certain hair idea.

But of course, it means if your hair is already flared and you don’t want to add more volume, you should better avoid using razor as well. This idea of haircut trends is really good to be applied for any formal situation like going to the office or school as well. Just similar with the messy ones, it is no matter at all for you to match it with any hair coloring, starting from the “conventional” ones like black, brunette, blonde and many others until the bright dyes including red, orange and so forth. To deepen the accent of layer, another idea is by adding highlight in several parts so that it can just make you look more elegant.

These examples will provide you with the perfect model to follow and thanks to the versatility of the different hair coloring ideas you'll have the privilege to spot the one that best suits your character. If you could not decide which hair tone to choose then it is time for you to try some of these two tone hair color ideas. Basically you can use two tone hair colors on every single hairstyle. It will look good as long as you get the right color combination.

Sabtu, 13 Juli 2013

Dark Purple Long Hairstyles Color

There has to be a significant lift on dark hair in order for the purple to be as vibrant as in the picture, so it will more than likely be a two-step process. You will probably have to lighten your natural hair first. I have been on a quest to find the best permanent purple hair dye to match the shade in the photo below.

I was a deep purple, something dark and vibrant. My sister suggest Manic Panic Purple Haze, but I looked on the MP website, and purple haze has a little too much of a pinkish hue to me. I am leaning towards Ultra Violet...but someone else told me it comes out sheer. Mixing colors scares me because I don't know the proper ratio to use and I hate having to redo my hair over and over and over.

Dark Purple Long Hairstyles Color

If I were you and really wanted to be sure you get the color you are looking for I would just go to an Aveda Salon and have them mix it up and apply it for you. They have lots of options for hair color there and can make it darker or lighter depending on what you prefer.